“To measure for improve”. And, how make this without having the right information at the right time?

In addition to our know-how, we offer interfaces and functionalities that make communication faster and clearer between the departments involved in this usual stage of manufacturing.

Real time

You can’t wait anymore; the reliable and relevant information needs to come to you, and not you up to it.

How to identify priorities and to apply the right actions, without a dashboard about your company’s productive resources? We built smart dashboards that bring beyond the status of resources and orders, relevant information for all team. In this way, we combine our functionality with the full potential of your management team.


The biggest losses are in what needs to be done in the same way very often.

And notes’ automation plays a key role: to combat this kind of problem. We have a solution that is extremely flexible, adhering to many types of processes and allowing the coverage of functionalities so that redundant manual routines can be eliminated.

Data integration

The subject is the reuse of existing data and information about our customers.

In all of our projects, the automatic data exchange mechanism between the Keen Eye GTR and ERP and APS systems is applied, enabling to elimination of reworks in registers and manual records of production notes. As a result, the flow of information is more agile and follows the process that is carried out in each department, directly or indirectly linked to manufacturing, serving as a compass for making more assertive decisions by its employees.


Knowing well the balance of finished, semi-finished products, raw materials and inputs is more than necessary for an industry achieve an effective management.

The odds of making a more assertive decision is increased when there is a support of an automation system that allows you to post the inbound, outbound, return and actual consumption movements as they happen at the factory. We have solutions that play on daily dilemmas when it comes to logistics and production.


With many years of experience in the MES market, nowadays we offer a very modern note interface, which does not require the user to memorize codes or use paper auxiliary panels.

Easy to handle, the system has characteristics that indicate to the user its performance and what is the expected production on it. Besides that, our graphical display with various colored alarms make easy the interpretation and visual management, so we encourage self-management from the operator of the machine.


"Most of the time, the great ERPs are more focused on financial controls, accounting, MRP, inventory, costs, and so on. It is worth to mention that they are not very “friendly” with the user, bringing up some difficulty of interpretation, especially with the shop floor. The implementation of controls and monitoring by the GTR brought us what we needed most: the information. Having the on time information we were able to make decisions and redirect the factory paths as soon as the facts happened.”
Flávio Montanari Boni/Diretor Industrial
"Through the KEEN EYE GTR, we were able to monitor production activities, being possible to measure if there was variation in productivity and to check the impact of non-productive activities, quality and efficiency decreases that may cause in the OEE final result. We also managed to monitor production in manual line."
Ivy Pimentel/Produção
Laboratórios Pierre Fabre do Brasil




Our solution is successfully installed for management in factories whose operations are performed on machines or manually.


We have in our DNA the idea that each project is a two-way street and over these 15 years working on automation projects we had the opportunity to have our system working as a management helping tool in the PPC, production, quality, maintenance and logistics sectors.

Meeting deadlines

The preparation of a detailed schedule in the project stages plus the agile methodology keeps our consultant team and the project key users alert of the deliverable and the phases determine early in deployment.


The installation of our system is just the beginning of a journey that will bring about a series of changes in your company and being able to count on our constant assistance is what we practice with everyone involved in the project.


We have a technical team that brings along with the solution a results-oriented work philosophy, delivering to our customers beyond system functions the way to analyze and act on the information that they provide.


Nowadays what happens in the Technology Market with regard to the frequent news, show us that to stay always up to date, the spirit of partnership needs to be strong and present between us and our suppliers and even more between us and our customers, because only then we will eliminate the islands and be bridge builders for the future.

Helping companies in production management for decision-making process.


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