A state-of-art computerized MES platform, focused on OEE management and increasing the production processes of the most various companies. It is able to support corporate systems as ERP and MRP, allowing the administrator to plan its production, set goals, monitor the evolution of production, compare different moments in the process, control deadlines, performance of professionals involved, departments, resources among many others features.


Develop an alarm sending schedule and set a help chain routine to engage people according to the role it responds to in the company.

Raw material consumption

Graphical interface of Easy memorization for daily use in operations that involve the movement of the logistics department when supplying production.

Sight management

Get real-time access, while in or out of your company to strategic information related to resources and production orders at its different stages of execution.

APP Management

Automatic notification module with scheduling in a help chain relationship in the company.

Maintenance note interface

Department performance indicators graph and check-in / check-out note interface for maintenance technicians.


Sight management online dashboard to follow production needs for the sector

Event Readings

Message protocol suitability which count for notification and record in the process variables system.


Automate the recording of material movements in your stock, speeding the decision-making, the receipts, the separation and decreasing the number of returns for surpluses.


Module for pointing out the batches used in the process and interface for searching and verification of the data recorded by production.


Leave scheduled the automatic sending of documents to recipients so that the information collected by the system meets those who need access to it.


Applied technology for automatic notification for incoming and outgoing products in intermediate stock.

Graphic note interface

With a high degree of customization by Project, easy to memorize for daily use and promoting the self-management of employees who work in the manufacture area of the company.

Quality note interface

Simple-to-use graphical interface easy to memorize for daily use in quality data logging routines, alarm module for notification of the need for inspection during the process.

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